My passion is in innovation and leadership.

I am an Associate Professor (Reader in the UK, Full Professor in North America) in Artificial Intelligence at RMIT. My interests are in Agent Oriented Software Development (how do we build and construct Intelligent Systems), Agent Reasoning (how can programs behave in smart ways), Intelligent Conversation Systems (how can systems interact intelligently satisfying a user’s information needs), Agent Testing (providing assurance that the systems work) and in Intelligent Games (how can intelligent game masters be introduced into role playing games).

I have over 15+ years experience in teaching IT related courses to undergraduate, postgraduate and industry personnel. In particular, in Java, C, C++, Computing Theory, Agent Oriented Programming and Intelligent Agents.

I collaborate with industry partners and researchers both local and international and have managed various aspects of research projects and product development.

My goal is to continue to be involved in developing smart systems that are not only intellectually challenging but also have practical benefit and impact.

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